A Safe Space for Healing

A Sanctuary of Somatic Healing

Trauma-informed massage and healing tailored to your needs. There is not one set formula when it comes to healing and the human experience. Every client’s treatment is formulated for their specific needs and what they are experiencing in that moment. Somatic therapy uses the body as its starting point for healing.

A Holistic Approach

The term holistic is often misinterpreted and associated with trendy buzzwords around health. What it means to us is that we consider the whole human: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual/essence of being. The nervous system being the inextricable link between these four aspects of the self that are not really separate at all. Human beings are complicated, full of varied experiences and needs, and we must acknowledge this when working with different beings & bodies.

Mind–Body Connection

We love your nervous system! Our work centers around the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for the regenerative functions that occur when the body is at rest. Our goal is to get you out of your busy head, out of fight/flight/freeze/fawn and reconnected with your body and sensory experience, which is vital to being able to experience sensations of calm, vitality and joy. We are honored to hold space for the feelings and sensations that shifting the nervous system can bring about, and strive to be the embodiment of healing for all.

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