Holistic Health Coaching
An Inside-Out Transformation in 6 Months

Limited Time Introductory Special: Holistic Health Coaching Service – $200/month (Regular rate is $300, gratuity is included)

I provide a 6 month program designed to get you thinking like your own health coach so we are done in 6 months! It takes 6 months to implement incremental changes for lasting healthy habits. Crash diets and quick fixes don’t last and they are likely not based in self-care. Focusing on your wellness from a holistic approach.

What does a health coach do?

I ask the right questions to train your brain how to care for yourself better, establishing healthier habits in all areas of life from nutrition to stress levels to personal boundaries. The word “holistic” refers to every aspect of the person: creativity, nutrition, joy, relationships, physical activity, career and more. I am trained to help people find their truth and give them tools to live that truth, accomplishing much more than helping with accountability for health goals. Expect inside-out transformation. Email me to schedule a free consult. I am excited to get you de-stressed, vibrant and living your purpose!

Areas of specialty include: addiction (sugar/flour and other), body love and acceptance, digestive issues, anxiety/stress management, healthy relationships.

The program includes

  • 2 health coaching sessions (phone or in person) PLUS one 90-minute massage per month.
  • Recipes
  • Kitchen make-over (I come to your house to detox your fridge/pantry and help you replace those foods not serving your goals with nourishing whole-food substitutes. MY FAVORITE!
  • Literature on healthy lifestyle choices and dietary theories

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