Holistic Healing Massage

All of our massage prices are all-inclusive. That means tax and gratuity are included in the costs listed below. So, you can float on with the rest of your day without having to think about payment and tips! Out-calls are available for an additional fee. Pay with cash for a $10 discount.

Custom Blend with doTerra Aromatherapy

A therapeutic and luxurious blend of different massage modalities based on your individual needs. Performed with organic oils and high quality essential oils selected specifically for your needs to reduce inflammation, soothe, uplift, repair and ground you.


90 minute services are $150
120 minute services are $190

To the Brim (Postpartum)

It may feel as if your body exists right now solely as a resource to your new baby, which means keeping your cup full so you can remain abundant for yourself as well. Your comfort is our delight. From taking pressure off of breast tissue with shoulder supports, to releasing c-section scar fascial restriction, to soothing shoulder muscles tired from cuddles and feeding, we are here to support and empower you.

90 minute services are $150
120 minute services are $190

Moon Blossom (Prenatal)

Prenatal massage is a not only relieving for the ever-changing body of a pregnant person, it’s so healthy for both mom and the developing baby. It’s an emotionally complicated and intense life shift that no doubt is a stressor on the nervous system. There is much relief to be gained and much stiffness and swelling to be avoided with regular prenatal massage.

90 minute services are $150
120 minute services are $190

Love Through Loss

Feeling cared for and supported in your body when suffering such a loss and the grief that ensues can make all the difference. During this session, we process your experience and create a healing experience based on what stage in the loss process you are. We use healing oils and in many cases address the abdomen to accelerate healing by bringing nourishing blood flow to the uterus, and clearing fascial, energetic or emotional blockages.

90 minute services are $150
120 minute services are $190

Reiki & Bodywork

Reiki is a life force energy that runs through every person. However, due to life’s challenges the energy can become stuck or stagnant. Receiving Reiki helps return the energy to how it was originally intended to flow, with ease throughout the entire body. It’s a gentle type of energy work that can be done by either laying hands on the body or above for those who may need less or no contact right now.

The work is performed with a client laying comfortably on a massage table fully clothed, so feel free to bring your comfy PJs. Clients report feeling warmth, tingling, intense relaxation and stress relief. Many fall asleep during sessions.

Reiki energy has an intelligence. It cannot only help to heal the present and our past, it can help to heal our ancestral lineage. Those often unspoken messages and agreements that get passed from generation to generation. Reiki knows exactly where to go in the body and will not only begin to restore the energetic balance but often brings forth messages for clients to ponder that will help clear deep rooted blocks and restore optimum health.

90 minute services are $150 120 minute services are $190

(Emotional Processing)

This massage blend is specifically for those experiencing emotionally difficult situations such as a time of high stress, grief, a break-up, divorce, or any loss (for pregnancy loss please see our service “Love Through Loss” under the For Women services section. Most of all, we believe in creating a safe space to identify and process the waves of emotion that can come up as a result of being truly present with your body through this holistic healing experience.

90 minute services are $150
120 minute services are $190

Emotional Release Technique

E.R.T with Inner Child Work

Emotional release therapy is based on the premise that emotions from various events including those we perceive as traumatic get trapped in the body. Sometimes we have memories of these events and sometimes we don’t. We may have a persistent ache or pain that won’t subside. Perhaps we experience headaches, fatigue, or stomach aches that cannot be explained though we go to the doctor and get various medical tests done only to be told there’s nothing wrong. This is when it’s time to consider the origin might be emotional.

ERT is a type of body work combined with your breath to open up doorways in the body that hold these memories and emotions. Together we see these younger parts of us, and through gentle, loving dialogue hold space to process any and all emotions that surface in the moment. The body knows what to do with these emotions. ERT simply gives it the permission to do so.

There’s tremendous power in simply acknowledging and seeing these parts. Most of us were not allowed to feel or express negative emotions. We had to put on a smile, be “ok.” ERT shatters those norms.

Eventually we peel through the layers of deep emotions and release these wounded parts. After just 1-2 sessions clients report feeling lighter, “a weight off the shoulders,” and feeling more grounded and in their bodies so emotions such as happiness and joy are amplified.

Initial Session – 120 minutes – $190
Subsequent Session – 90 minutes – $175



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